Jan. 25th, 2010 04:37 pm
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You guys, this favorites thing is totally ridiculous!

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Day Three )

Today was busy! There was hiking and Cracker Barrel and bookstores and sewing and movie and pizza! And it was all good. Somewhere in all of this, though I managed to sneak in Day Three. I'm just that good.

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I've been especially sucky at posting of late. In an effort to fix this, I'm gacking the 30 Day Meme from...lots of people.

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So I thought maybe I'd try to keep track of books this year. We'll see how long that lasts.

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Oh, dear

Dec. 8th, 2009 03:04 pm
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Apparently Godzilla is on the way or something because my building keeps shaking. Being on the 7th floor, this makes me slightly anxious...
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It feels like I haven’t posted in eleventy billion years. This is partly due to the fact that my class schedule is different this semester and that has thrown my rest-of-life schedule off kilter in unexpected ways. This is also partly due to the fact that I’ve been 67% more naval-gazy than usual and I really don’t want to put y’all through that.  I actually spent like, an hour and half the other day pondering how one would determine how much introspection is TOO much introspection and then my head exploded.

This is still not really a real life post, say sorry.  I’m pretty sure most of y’all haven’t been keeping up with the current season of Merlin, but I need to get a few things off my chest so here it is, under the cut. Once again, I’ve got a silly show that I’m taking too seriously.  Feel free to move along. If you do bother read, be warned that I make no promises for coherence.


I have very mixed feelings about Arthur/Gwen (and they're mostly unrelated to Arthur/Merlin!) )

ARRRGGH. So, yeah. Basically once again I've got myself a silly show and taken it much too seriously. You're welcome.

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Every morning as I walk the four blocks between my bus stop and work, I pass several men who hose down the sidewalk and water the plants planted along the street. And every morning I think to myself, "It's a really good thing that is not my job." Because I would be incapable of resisting the temptation to hose down passers-by.
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I went on a date on Friday! Those of you playing along at home will note this is a rare occurrence. I am surprisingly anti-social in my own cheerful EG sort of way. Anyway. There was date! It was quite mediocre. The Boy managed to ping a couple of my pet peeves in a short period. But the conversation was pretty good for the most part and I try not to make snap judgments on this sort of thing. Goodness knows first dates are hard. So I thought I'd give it another chance. So he came over on Saturday. And it was fine but again, not brilliant.

And then I found out that he's married.

All in all, I'm really glad that I didn't actually like this guy very much.

Sunday however was AWESOME. To celebrate my birthday, the usual suspects and I went to Founding Farmers and proceeded to eat for like, two hours. SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD! Then Patty and I introduced Randi to Galaxy Quest and got to work on the mock-up for our Dragon*Con costume. Fantastic!

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This weekend we managed to get my younger sister successfully married off. It was really a wonderful service. Little Sis looked beautiful in her dress. Most importantly though, I completely approve of my new brother-in-law! He's a really great fit for my sister and they both seem really happy! For the first time in...years probably, ALL of my siblings AND my parents were in the same place at the same time, which was really the best bit. All in all a lovely weekend!
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Have been horribly remiss in posting of late, even for me. The busy-ness level sort of exploded on me. At the moment I am taking a summer class that's quite interesting although it requires a rather intense level of reading (plus yet another 20 page paper, joy of joys), I'm doing the Internship of AWESOME that also requires a rather intense level of reading (the library is my new best friend apparently) plus working my full time job. I've just moved which was stressful as moving generally is (so I'm currently without internet at home-although this is probably a good thing for the unpacking productivity) and next weekend my sister is getting married so I'll be flying to GA in less than a week.  So, yeaaaaah. That's the quick version state of me. I am however, terribly excited about my trip to Athens. There will be lots of family to hang out with not to mention my brand new nephew! Athens (and Georgia and Alabama) peeps, I have already scheduled in going to the Fools opening night reception if I can't make it to the play itself, but I'll be getting into town Wed. afternoon and I'll be leaving Mon. morning, so if y'all want to hang out any drop me a line!
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On the upside, I got to sleep almost a whole extra hour this morning. On the downside, it was because we lost power during the night and my alarm clock did not go off. Good times! Fortunately it came back on right as I was about to leave for work, so it all worked out in the end. And hey, sleep is always nice!
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Wow. My cat is snoring loudly enough that I can hear her in the next room. I'm extremely tempted to go poke her, but that seems a bit mean...


May. 4th, 2009 09:59 am
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Heeellllllloooooooo! This is a test! More interesting content will be along shortly!
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So when this all began, I considered keeping a private locked running commentary and then unlocking it when I was allowed to talk about it all. I ended up not doing that and y'all should be really grateful because I completely lost the will to live about halfway through the whole thing. EMO!EG came out in force and that's really not something people need to see.

The Epic Tale of Jury Duty )
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Check it out, yo! I am here at DW.  Not much shaking over there atm, but I'll get it all sorted soon. I'll be cross-posting, but feel free nonetheless to drop by anytime and you know, enjoy an imaginary beverage of your choice!
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For one of my classes I'm creating a Hypothetical Theatre Company. I am AWFUL at naming things, so can y'all offer any suggestions for a good theatre name? I will be based in Athens (GA) and plan to cater to both young audiences and adults.  I hope to have an extensive outreach program to the schools. Here's my mission statement:  [Insert Name Here] strives to help the Athens community explore our humanity through a diverse body of theatre. By producing both classics and new plays from a variety of theatrical traditions we will foster an understanding and love of the arts within our community. By producing productions each season geared toward young and new audiences we will encourage our children through imagination and excitement.   One of my classmates suggested "Stages of Growth" as the theatre name, which is okay but I would vaguely like to maybe have Athens somewhere in the name? I don't know! I'M REALLY BAD AT THIS! Do y'all have any ideas?
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NOT that anyone would really be able to tell, I've been away from the computer a bit lately. Man! The ol' flist takes MUCH longer to read when you can't check it periodically throughout the day!

Easter weekend was busier than anticipated but lots of fun! Saturday was spent in the company of Patty, [ profile] automaticdoor , [ profile] smilie117  and [ profile] star98hope . We managed to create two business ventures, discuss philology, squee about fandom and solve world hunger in the space of about 6 hours. (I'm lying about at least one of those.) Not bad for a rainy afternoon! Sunday we made the dubious choice of going to the Basillica for Easter service. It was a bit crowded, to make a maaaaaaassive understatement. But we did accidentally get within about three feet of the archbishop so I guess it evens out? Then we had a lovely and delicious dinner with the [personal profile] thursdays_son / [ profile] marynotcontrary family where I ate entirely too many mashed potatoes and we introduced them Any Dream Will Do. (Sorry Tony! The joy of John Barrowman will not be denied!) Oh! And at some point in there we watched the Doctor Who Easter Special Thing of Great Joy. Which it was.

That's basically the state of me for the moment, although have I got a story for you guys next week...

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And now I have a wee new baby nephew! Yay for James David!
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