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I've experienced many things for the first time since I've moved to DC. My first murder trial, my first blizzard. And now my first earthquake! I'm sort of hoping for either a tornado or a hurricane next so I can complete my natural disaster triptych.
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Patty and I managed to catch the DC United game on TV last night.  After seeing  the United fans, I now have a new goal in life. I intend to become a soccer hooligan. They have drums! And flags! And chants with hand motions!! They also had this totally awesome, gigantic banner directed at David Beckham that read: "We sing better than your wife" HA! Patty's already picked out her soccer boyfriend #17, Gros because he was playing with a broken wrist and is hardcore. I rather liked the goalie, Perkins, but Fred was cool too so I make no commitments at this point. There is a possiblity that I may also have a slight crush on the crazy Irish commentator that we have named Seamus. So if, when next you see me I have dyed my hair black and red you will know why. Actually, this is the only sticking point with United. I will be forced to shame the house of my fathers by donning Georgia colors, blech. But since it's in the name of soccer (my elder brother's game) I think they may forgive me.
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This weekend ended up being kind of an exercise in patience. I had to make a last minute trip to Birmingham and of course the flights down and back were respectively four and six hours late.  I was a little upset about being four hours late on Friday because for one thing it meant I missed the family cook-out and it meant my parents had to stay up until 11:30 to come and get me from the airport. Saturday was fine because it involved absolutely no public transportation. And then it was Sunday. The bright spot of the day was breakfast with the family at the Cracker Barrel. My sister-in-law decided she needed pancakes and frankly, we all agreed pancakes sounded like a pretty good idea.  And it's always a good time at the Cracker Barrel.  After pancakes it was time to go back to the airport for my 12:45 flight. Unfortunately, BWI, all the DC airports and I think maybe the Philadelphia airport were having some kind of computer/control tower mishap and were all closed in traffic. For the next five hours. On top of this, there was a humdinger of a thunderstorm in Birmingham which caused the power in the airport to go out for about 45 minutes. Good times, man.  Typically, as soon as I got up to try to track down some dinner, our flight started boarding. The flight was fine which I'm grateful for. I'm not sure if the flight attendant was exhausted or drunk but she gave the funniest/weirdest safety speech I've ever heard. J-Lo was mentioned. Then we landed. But, since the airport had been closed all day, everything was chaos. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a gate to open up so we could deplane. There were roughly 46,709 people trying to find their luggage. I managed to catch the last shuttle back to DC, thank God. Around midnight, I finally rolled into my house and fell into bed. I am basically the only one up front at work today, for which I'm actually rather grateful. It means I don't have to talk to people and if I don't get much work done, no one will care. 

Oh! But on a rather cool note, remember my ridiculously rich cousin? The one who bought that awesome house with the Norman banquet hall in the basement? It was featured in Alabama Heritage Magazine! Check it out! That's where my family has Thanksgiving. Make sure to click on all the pictures. There's a really nice one of the banquet hall. It is so frakking awesome.
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I am not generally a huge a fan of the 4th of July. For some weird and contrary reason it tends to bring out the cynic in me. And as a child, I didn't really like fireworks. Way too loud for my poor little ears. So, I was not especially excited about this particular holiday. However. Give Patty a prize because her 4th of July plans ended up restoring my faith in the holiday. 

It was kind of a random...no, wait. In the spirit of the day let's call it diverse. It was a diverse day. Patty and I started out by watching "History of the World, Part One" over breakfast. Then we did some reading and after lunch moved on to some S2 Doctor Who. (As an aside, Patty a few weeks ago finished getting our basement room arranged and I am in love with it. I love watching TV down there!) Then it was time for the part of the day that I was feeling some trepidation over. We had decided to venture down to the National Mall to join 700,000 of our fellow citizens for some fireworks. So we got some water and our SmartTrip cards and headed off on the Metro. So far, so good. The train wasn't too crowded, and there were a lot of trains running, so we didn't have to wait to change trains. We chatted about Who, which is the current pastime of choice in the Mir/Kid/Wench household. What Patty and I had neglected to do before leaving the house was to check the weather. We get down to Mall, and follow the crowds trying to find a check point to get actually onto the Mall. Oh look we said! It looks like we can go through the Native American museum! Brilliant! So in we go, get our bags checked. We get inside and there are all these people just kinda hanging out. "I'm a little hungry," Patty declared. So we decided to go check out the museum cafe. We have heard this cafe's praises sung many a time. And it is well deserved. They have like, real food there! It's incredible. We ended up only getting fry bread, because that is how we roll, but it was really tasty. So we ventured back up to see if we can get onto the lawn. No, we cannot. Why? Because there's a tornado watch, and the Mall has been cleared. Nevertheless, we venture back outside to see what we can see. We walked around a bit and discussed, and eventually we decided to go check out the Freer Museum. It was sprinkling a bit, but the policeman we asked said the fireworks hadn't been cancelled, so we figured we might as well stick around.  Of course as we were walking it started to rain for real. We didn't make it all the way to the Freer and just sort of ended up in the Hirshhorn. Modern art isn't really my thing, but again we figured we were there, so we might as well look around. There were some...interesting pieces. It was annoying because some of the museum was blocked off, so we couldn't look at everything. All in all though it was very oh, let's say Cultural. So, it finally stopped raining so once more, out we venture! It was still only about 7, so we still had two hours to kill until the fireworks started. "Crap!" we realize. Now the ground is wet and we didn't bring anything to sit on. "Let's go find a CVS and buy something, then we can sit on the bags," said Patty. Plus, we were hungry again. Modern art really takes it out of you. So back on the Metro and over to Chinatown. After some grumbling and wandering around, we finally settled on Fado's Irish pub. Because what better way to celebrate the American holiday than with fake foreign food. It was actually really quite good. We chatted more about Doctor Who and how I have an unnatural obsession with Ianto. Good times. It was late enough then that we decided to forego CVS. We could just stand. So we started walking back down to the Mall. As we were walking, we started to hear this...sound. A joyful noise. It turned out it was a New Orleans style jazz band with like, 12 trombones and children that had just set up on a street corner. It was FANTASTIC. They were all really great musicians, and really happy to be there. Some of the kids had horns and some had percussion instruments and people were dancing around. We stayed and watched and danced a bit and then the fireworks started. We ran the last two blocks down to the Mall and managed to find a pretty good view. We completely missed the official concert, but that didn't really matter. It was so amazing to stand in the middle of the street with all these strangers and watch the fireworks going off over the Washington Monument.  Absolutely worth every moment of rain and modern art. After it finished we started walking back up to Chinatown to get back on the Metro. The jazz band was still playing so we stopped again to listen. There was a bigger audience this time and it was so much fun. The musicians would come over and pull people up to dance. The mix of people enjoying this was really wonderful too. There was this middleaged white guy rocking it out on the washboard, and this fantastic gay guy breaking it down on the dance floor. There was a mama next to us who was trying to teach her son to play the tambourine "with attitude." And over to one side there was a hippie grooving arrythmically. That was the point at which my faith in the 4th was restored. Alas, we both have work today, so before we were really ready, we had to leave. We got back on the Metro and came home. People were still setting off fireworks, so we stood for a moment on the train platform that overlooks our neighborhood and watched them go off. I didn't have to hear "Proud to be an American" or "God bless the USA" once. So, all in all a perfect holiday!

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Family has been collected safely. The flight was delayed about an hour due to weather, but it was just as well because my afternoon of navigation was slightly less successful than my morning of navigation. Mostly this was due to the fact that the entrance to I-66 is a magical place kept secret and safe hidden within the Kennedy Center parking lot. Now, I have refrained thus far from questioning the decisions made by the "city planners" or whathaveyou. I trust in the better knowledge of people I assume studied things like civil engineering (I realize that it may not have been called that at the time the city was "planned" but you follow my drift). But the idea of putting the entrance to a major highway virtually unmarked in the parking lot of a performance hall seems a little...I dunno. Dumbass. I will allow that during my first pass through the tangled ways that is the area of the Kennedy Center I was a little distracted by the Watergate Hotel. That thing is HUGE! And I still am not over the huge squee-inducing joy of turning a corner and randomly running into a major historical landmark. So anyway I deserve lots of cookies.

I think the family is out sight-seeing now, though I haven't heard from them yet. Tonight we are meeting for dinner and a play at the Arena stage which I am v. excited about. And tomorrow, THE WORLD!
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I had to drive into work (downtown DC) today. Just so you know, I did not kill anyone, nor am I dead. I did pretty well actually. I even got in to work a few minutes early. I have a feeling the route I took was fairly retarded since I was forced to deviate from my planned route and ended up improvising. Heater, I learned that traffic circles are much much easier to navigate when you have some next to you yelling, "Here! Turn here! No! Stay! There!" Without you, I ended up driving around Washington Circle I think twice. Maybe once and a half. And I got honked at. A lot. But I'm sure I deserved it. Now the next test of my considerable navigating prowess comes this afternoon when I have to get from here to Dulles to collect my mama and aunt and then from there to my house. If I manage all of this, I think I shall reward myself with a cookie.


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