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So I've been thinking. And I've got a theory. I theorize that 68% of all bad!fic is due to PMS.  This is based partly on the ridiculous Mary Sue-type stories that I make up in my head as I walk to and from the Metro every day. I realized that they get significantly more ridiculous and melodramatic the more hormonal I am. It's like the text-based equivalent of chocolate. I also am WAY more open to reading ridiculously bad!fic when in this state of mind.


Oh dear!

Aug. 25th, 2008 10:30 am
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First day of classes! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

P.S. Still riding my "The Shrine  was superfantastic" high!
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I went to Shore Leave and it was totally awes...um. Like a renovated room! (Damn you, DHew for taking away my word!!!) For a con that has apparently been around for 30 years it was astoundingly disorganized, but the Q&As were SO MUCH FUN and totally worth a little confusion. As with most cons, the panels were a little hit or miss. The "Morality in the Whoniverse" one was FANTASTIC. I love getting to smack people around with the power of my intellect.  And the way the entire room ganged up on the two dissenters (an overly opinionated 14 yr. old girl and a Republican) was heartwarming.  Some of the comments definitely gave me a few things to ponder on.

On to the important bits. David Hewlett and Jewel Staite both did Q&As on Sat. and Sun. and I went on both days.  Jewel Staite is EVIL and I love her. She is also apparently on the same eating schedule as me because every single time we went into the hotel restaurant she would come in a few minutes after. She told some really great stories about both Firefly and SG:A and I'm looking forward to seeing her again at Dragon*Con.  David Hewlett is my hero. He is fabulous in person and really accessible. BAZ IS THE CUTEST BABY ALIVE.  I gathered all my bravery and asked a question at the Q&A though sadly, not the question that would have earned me $15. Perhaps next time. And watching the S5 premiere in a giant room full of fans was the BEST! In the HISTORY OF EVER.

Of course, the very best part of the weekend was getting to visit with [personal profile] wordplay, [personal profile] longtimegone, [personal profile] idnariscool and [profile] bookwench31. Well, maybe not Patty since I see her every day. But definitely the rest!
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Ok. So I just watched "Jus in Bello" and I really need to just let this out:
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Is it next Thursday yet?
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Is this really a spoiler?

Just in case... )
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 So I loved Miller's Crossing so much, that not only did I stay up to watch it a second time in one night, I also wrote an 
I can't imagine why I don't write more fic.  
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Here is the poll that I failed at earlier. Unfortunately, it requires a little explaination: I'm working on a mix for a fic. I have this song that I really, really like. I feel that it quite neatly encompasses Character B's motivation/internal monologue/blah blah emocakes about Event 2. However, the reader doesn't really find out all about B's motivation/monologue/emocakes until much later in the story. So here are the questions: [Poll #1097363] That's that. Drop a comment if this makes no sense or if more information is needed. I can site examples and makes charts if necessary. (Ok, the charts bit is a lie. I seriously doubt I have the tech-fu to make charts.) Thanks for playing!
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In honor of S4, have a S3 round-up! )

P.S. I totally win at life! Patty has been sucked in!! THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM SG:A

P.P.S Um, just a friendly reminder SPOILERS LEIK WOAH under the cut
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I have now finished SG:A season two! Go me! Some thoughts on that. Oh, I'm sorry. Were you expecting actual content? )
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I have made it throught the first season of Stargate: Atlantis. To mark this occasion, some thoughts.

In no particular order: )
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Help me out, flist!

So. I've started watching SG:A. (As an aside, this is totally [livejournal.com profile] villainny's fault. Actually, no. [livejournal.com profile] r_becca, you're getting an apportion of the blame too.) Did I miss the part where they explain why everyone speaks English, or is this something that we're handwaving?

Furthermore. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS MORE ZELENKA BECAUSE HE IS THE AWESOME-IST! More flailing likely to come, as Patty just laughs at me.

Damnit, I'm gonna have to redo my icons again! Hee!
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Since I am a professional spectator, it is highly unlikely that my journal will ever be deleted by TPTB. However, being a professional spectator, I will go where the people that I like to spectate are (as it were). In the event of an emergency evacutation, I can be found as jumperkid at both GJ and IJ. Please feel free to friend me over there if you like. And since I have, as they say, skillz I will be cross posting to all three. At least in theory.

Damn the Man! Save the Empire! er. Or something like that.
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Firstly, I am fairly certain that this is the longest day in human memory.  For the love of all that is good and holy, WHY is it still only 11 am. 

It is, as you may have noticed, Harry Potter Day. I am beyond excited, but mostly I just really wish that I didn't have to be at work today because if I do actually burst into tears like I feel that I will at any moment, my coworkers will all think that I am insane, and I just can't deal with that today. It's The End. And I realize that that doesn't really, in the grand scheme matter. Fandom is Forever. But it will be different. 

I am so grateful for fandom. Having the opportunity to get to meet and become friends with so many fantastic people is something I wouldn't exchange for the world. I mean come on. It's not every day you almost get thrown out of a Chilli's because a fight over Snape breaks out ( and this happened before HBP!).  It's definitely not every day that you get to have breakfast in the cellar of a Salem B&B with Voldemort. 

I am grateful for the fact that fans are so obsessive, an entire new genre of music has been created to encompass us. The world would be a much sadder, fun-hating place without the Awesomeness that is Wizard Rock. Forget about the Sorceror's Stone cos we got the Rock right here!!

In preparation for this evening,  [profile] bookwench31 and I made t-shirts to wear to the book release tonight. They are, if I may say so, the best shirts ever.  Everyone on Diagon Alley will wish that they are as cool as we are, with our fabulous shirts. Patty can design like a mofo.

So I guess the point is. I love you guys! Thanks for going with me on this obsessive fandom ride cause it's totally awesome!!


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So I have watched "The Sound of Drums" twice now and I have a few things to say. See Patty for the inital "review."

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I am hopped up on coffee and two, count 'em two new fandoms (Supernatural! Torchwood! Man Pain is clearly my new drug cos srsly could these two BE more emo?), one in which MY SHIP IS CANON! heh heh. I love it when that happens. 

So I am still alive. I have a full time job and short hair. 

I have been reading fic like it holds the secret to everlasting life or something. Did I mention TWO new fandoms? So many fics to read! 

Coffee is nice. 

Such is the current state of EG. You?


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