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I went to Shore Leave and it was totally awes...um. Like a renovated room! (Damn you, DHew for taking away my word!!!) For a con that has apparently been around for 30 years it was astoundingly disorganized, but the Q&As were SO MUCH FUN and totally worth a little confusion. As with most cons, the panels were a little hit or miss. The "Morality in the Whoniverse" one was FANTASTIC. I love getting to smack people around with the power of my intellect.  And the way the entire room ganged up on the two dissenters (an overly opinionated 14 yr. old girl and a Republican) was heartwarming.  Some of the comments definitely gave me a few things to ponder on.

On to the important bits. David Hewlett and Jewel Staite both did Q&As on Sat. and Sun. and I went on both days.  Jewel Staite is EVIL and I love her. She is also apparently on the same eating schedule as me because every single time we went into the hotel restaurant she would come in a few minutes after. She told some really great stories about both Firefly and SG:A and I'm looking forward to seeing her again at Dragon*Con.  David Hewlett is my hero. He is fabulous in person and really accessible. BAZ IS THE CUTEST BABY ALIVE.  I gathered all my bravery and asked a question at the Q&A though sadly, not the question that would have earned me $15. Perhaps next time. And watching the S5 premiere in a giant room full of fans was the BEST! In the HISTORY OF EVER.

Of course, the very best part of the weekend was getting to visit with [personal profile] wordplay, [personal profile] longtimegone, [personal profile] idnariscool and [profile] bookwench31. Well, maybe not Patty since I see her every day. But definitely the rest!
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Thanks, [personal profile] flyingcarpet

I have had a Very Busy Week. I got to work as a swing for the Wig girl at a local theatre this weekend. It was so fantastic!! The show was fun, the track was busy but not hard so it didn't take me long to learn it and I mastered it like a mofo, if I may say. The cast was really great and made me feel very welcome. And best of all, I networked! So maybe this will lead to even more theatre work . *crosses fingers*

This weekend I got to go see Hot Fuzz. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre since before Christmas, so it was awesome for that alone. You guys! This movie is so great!! Go see it, right now. There was headbutting and explosions and slash and guns and Bill Nighy!! I also got to hang out with [personal profile] flyingcarpet which just really made the day perfect. We geeked out and had tea and talked fic. Seriously, my idea of a great day.

Now I am back at work, alas. But this weekend I am using my comp tickets to go see the show I ran last weekend. So there's that to look forward to.



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