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1. Denizens of DC:  I have a play running! I designed the costumes for this one, written by a classmate. It is AWESOME and in the Fringe Festival and you should go see it! Dates, summary and ticket info here: Singing Eggs and Spermless Babies

2. Denizens of Athens/Atlanta: I will be there this weekend! I'm flying down Sat. morning and I'll be in Athens until Tues morning. Who's free for dinner/coffee/what-have-you? If I need to steal a car and come down to Atlanta for an evening, that's doable.

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I don't often get the opportunity to watch live theater. I think it's probably the number one drawback to WORKING at a theater.  I tell you what though. If this is the only play that I get to see for the rest of the year, it'll be worth it.  I've been working as a wig/wardrobe swing for the Signature theater lately, and this particular play ("Ace"), I've actually ended up working for the past like, three weekends. Since I worked so much, I got comped in to actually watch the show.  GUYS. If you're in DC, I TOTALLY recommend you try to go see this show.  It's a new musical about the Air Force as seen through this one family. Since it's new, there are a few moments that still don't totally work.  The prologue is a bit weak, but once you get past that the show just takes off.   I ACTUALLY CRIED. Which, like. Never happens.  If we are very very good and the theatre gods decide to be benevolent, this show will make it Broadway and it will get recorded so that I can have the soundtrack.
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Fist day of classes v. good if a bit draining. I had class at 1:30 followed by a meet & greet/BBQ thingy followed by more class at 6:00. My two "track mates" seem very cool, which is good as I suspect I will be seeing quite a lot of them. Both classes are TINY (6 people and 3 respectively) which I adore. It means I get to talk more! I also really really like both of my professors, although one of them is vaguely terrifying.

And we got to watch a French avant-garde movie in the first one! On the first day! Oh good times, baby.

It may be all the caffeine talking, but I'm in a strangely good mood today. That or D*C in three days FTW!!!
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Everyone who voted "Yes" yesterday gets a gold star! Everyone else should go here to get a little culture.  Now, why did I ask?

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Thanks, [personal profile] flyingcarpet

I have had a Very Busy Week. I got to work as a swing for the Wig girl at a local theatre this weekend. It was so fantastic!! The show was fun, the track was busy but not hard so it didn't take me long to learn it and I mastered it like a mofo, if I may say. The cast was really great and made me feel very welcome. And best of all, I networked! So maybe this will lead to even more theatre work . *crosses fingers*

This weekend I got to go see Hot Fuzz. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre since before Christmas, so it was awesome for that alone. You guys! This movie is so great!! Go see it, right now. There was headbutting and explosions and slash and guns and Bill Nighy!! I also got to hang out with [personal profile] flyingcarpet which just really made the day perfect. We geeked out and had tea and talked fic. Seriously, my idea of a great day.

Now I am back at work, alas. But this weekend I am using my comp tickets to go see the show I ran last weekend. So there's that to look forward to.



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