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First of all, I need to make a correction to the post from yesterday. I was under the impression that Patty had come up with the Johnny Weir-Lady GaGa idea. Actually, it was originated by [livejournal.com profile] sundancekid. Sorry to claim credit there!

And at the request of [livejournal.com profile] marynotcontrary, we've expanded a bit on the concept. Allie and Mary, the following is dedicated to you both. You're welcome.

Patty, [personal profile] longtimegone  and I were discussing Doctor Who and Torchwood, as you do. Patty proclaimed that, "I have to admit I will miss seeing David walk away from something exploding, looking all broody and serious. In fact if they made a show that was just "Explosions and David!" Perhaps produced by Micheal Bay, I would totally watch it. "

[personal profile] longtimegone  decided "w
hat would be really awesome is if Jack set up a Torchwood back up base in Canada.  Dude, Jack in Canada? AWESOME. He'd totally sleep his way through the Mounties. All of them. :)) "

And it hit us. Why not put all of that into Johnny Weir and Lady GaGa Fight Crime? It would Epic and Sparkly.

Patty summarized it:
I would watch the shit out of that show. The explosions could be caused by the crime fighting and since there is crime fighting of COURSE mounties are involved and Jack and David are there as like a long standing bickering couple of friends. and David is a newspaper reporter and worries about how Jack is sleeping his way through Mounties (which causes him to make the emo face a lot) and since he's a reporter he ends up on the Johnny Weir/Lady Gaga beat so he's around things that blow up alot. Jack is a private detective of course.

The only question now is what kind of crime is being fought? Boring criminals who get overwhelmed by the fabulousness of our Daring Duo? Evil Drag Queens who try to take out their Fantasticly Flamboyant competition? Truly the great question of our era.


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