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So I rather enjoyed doing this last year, though I fizzled out a bit toward the end. Once more, with feeling!

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I've experienced many things for the first time since I've moved to DC. My first murder trial, my first blizzard. And now my first earthquake! I'm sort of hoping for either a tornado or a hurricane next so I can complete my natural disaster triptych.
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1. Denizens of DC:  I have a play running! I designed the costumes for this one, written by a classmate. It is AWESOME and in the Fringe Festival and you should go see it! Dates, summary and ticket info here: Singing Eggs and Spermless Babies

2. Denizens of Athens/Atlanta: I will be there this weekend! I'm flying down Sat. morning and I'll be in Athens until Tues morning. Who's free for dinner/coffee/what-have-you? If I need to steal a car and come down to Atlanta for an evening, that's doable.


Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:43 pm
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Okay so. In no particular order.

1) Not dead! This past semester was way more bi-polar  (in that I had one class that I HATED and one class that I OMGLOVED) than I expected and that apparently prevented me from posting or something.   Am v. glad to be out of the class that I hated (and with a decent grade!) although I miss the class that I loved.  And I absolutely WILL NOT get a second Masters in history no matter how much fun I had because that would be silly. No really.

2) But no class over the summer! YAAAAAAY!! And I'm quite excited about the play that I am going to dramaturg for school. So that's nice.

3) I'm also costuming a play for one of my classmates. DC folks, keep an ear out! I will let you know the dates and bug you all to come see it! It will be really good, I promise!

4) Had a fantastic long weekend with ms_ntropy and her peeps! *two thumbs up* It was really wonderful to meet all those new people! I hope to be able to repeat the experience soon. Yes, even the forced marches! Though perhaps not the Surprise Attack Fountain.
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FIRSTLY: I did not have to wear my coat when I went for lunch today! \o/!! Truly a St. Patrick's Day miracle.

SECONDLY: So in between stressing out about school and being sick last week I completely forgot to keep up with the 30 Day meme! I'm sure y'all were broken-hearted. Onwards then to


Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:09 am
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Day 17 In Which I Talk About Art (Sort of). So be warned that there are a few large-ish pics under the cut.

Day 17 )
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First of all, I need to make a correction to the post from yesterday. I was under the impression that Patty had come up with the Johnny Weir-Lady GaGa idea. Actually, it was originated by [livejournal.com profile] sundancekid. Sorry to claim credit there!

And at the request of [livejournal.com profile] marynotcontrary, we've expanded a bit on the concept. Allie and Mary, the following is dedicated to you both. You're welcome.

Patty, [personal profile] longtimegone  and I were discussing Doctor Who and Torchwood, as you do. Patty proclaimed that, "I have to admit I will miss seeing David walk away from something exploding, looking all broody and serious. In fact if they made a show that was just "Explosions and David!" Perhaps produced by Micheal Bay, I would totally watch it. "

[personal profile] longtimegone  decided "w
hat would be really awesome is if Jack set up a Torchwood back up base in Canada.  Dude, Jack in Canada? AWESOME. He'd totally sleep his way through the Mounties. All of them. :)) "

And it hit us. Why not put all of that into Johnny Weir and Lady GaGa Fight Crime? It would Epic and Sparkly.

Patty summarized it:
I would watch the shit out of that show. The explosions could be caused by the crime fighting and since there is crime fighting of COURSE mounties are involved and Jack and David are there as like a long standing bickering couple of friends. and David is a newspaper reporter and worries about how Jack is sleeping his way through Mounties (which causes him to make the emo face a lot) and since he's a reporter he ends up on the Johnny Weir/Lady Gaga beat so he's around things that blow up alot. Jack is a private detective of course.

The only question now is what kind of crime is being fought? Boring criminals who get overwhelmed by the fabulousness of our Daring Duo? Evil Drag Queens who try to take out their Fantasticly Flamboyant competition? Truly the great question of our era.

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Apparently I'm incapable of posting over the weekend. Although in my defense I read two books in two days. Ah, grad school.

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Yay! It's another "Tickles my Fancy Day!" I like these.

Day 12 )
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Wow. I am REALLY behind on this! I'm totally blaming the TWO blizzards we had this week.

Onwards and Upwards to Day 11! )


Feb. 1st, 2010 09:14 am
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HAHAHAHA. I totally just forgot yesterday. In my defense, I was busy eating cupcakes for [personal profile] non_sequitur 's birthday.

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