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Family has been collected safely. The flight was delayed about an hour due to weather, but it was just as well because my afternoon of navigation was slightly less successful than my morning of navigation. Mostly this was due to the fact that the entrance to I-66 is a magical place kept secret and safe hidden within the Kennedy Center parking lot. Now, I have refrained thus far from questioning the decisions made by the "city planners" or whathaveyou. I trust in the better knowledge of people I assume studied things like civil engineering (I realize that it may not have been called that at the time the city was "planned" but you follow my drift). But the idea of putting the entrance to a major highway virtually unmarked in the parking lot of a performance hall seems a little...I dunno. Dumbass. I will allow that during my first pass through the tangled ways that is the area of the Kennedy Center I was a little distracted by the Watergate Hotel. That thing is HUGE! And I still am not over the huge squee-inducing joy of turning a corner and randomly running into a major historical landmark. So anyway I deserve lots of cookies.

I think the family is out sight-seeing now, though I haven't heard from them yet. Tonight we are meeting for dinner and a play at the Arena stage which I am v. excited about. And tomorrow, THE WORLD!


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